Toy Wizards Review: Asteroids RepliCade Machine by New Wave Toys


Toy Wizards would like to thank New Wave Toys for providing a sample copy of the new Asteroids RepliCade machine in exchange for this review.

New Wave Toys just released its Asteroids RepliCade machine, two of them in fact: a standard edition and a special edition. The only differences between the two machines is that the special edition has some nice paint on the boarder of the front of the machine (blue) and has some weathered stickers on the joystick panel (a spilled drink and a cigarette burn) as well as some weathering around the quarter slot. I’m craving yellow paint on the border of the standard edition– I think that would really make it pop, but that’s not the way the product is meant to be. So that’s that.

I’ve been a fan of New Wave Toys since the Centipede machine showed up at my house three years ago. I think they do really great work and all of their machines look fantastic. Please click here to read my 2018 interview with Shilo Prychak of New Wave Toys.

I personally did not find any issues with the Asteroids machine. Nearly every tiny detail and nuance is captured here, for better or for worse. Meaning that since the original Atari machine was invented in 1979, getting the game up and running is not as easy as “Press Here”. You have to press the coin slot, hit player start, etc. I think that might get confusing for the newly initiated.

As stated in the video review for this machine, some words around the playground is that the game is running at 80-90% speed instead of 100% and the bullets have grown. But on a machine this tiny, come on– that’s going to happen. Otherwise you might never see the bullets.

As for all tiny arcade machines, New Wave or not, these are a novelty. The look and sound cool on a display shelf and you might bust them out for some toy photography or as a novelty piece to a friend who comes over and didn’t know that these sorts of things are being made now. Other than Street Fighter II and Dragons Lair, which I think were really off the cuff acquirements, Atari is pretty generous with their licenses. They really always have been– however, that’s not to discount the wonderful machines that New Wave Toys are creating, because their products really are always top notch.

I give the Asteroids RepliCade by New Wave Toys 4/5 Wizards Stars!

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  1. We’re about the same age and I remember I was obsessed with the fighting games, LOL. I had to be all the female characters and that’s all I wanted to do! These mini machines are cute, do you think they’ll make a mini Street Fighter or would that be too hard to do?

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