Super7 Defender of the Universe Voltron ReAction Figure


The Defender of the Universe hits that warm spot once again thanks to Super7. We have yet another great version on the infamous Robeast killer. The ReAction line is just filled with such great scaled nostigial in 3.3/4 scale. I really really like the look of this figure and look forward to reapaints down the line. I am looking at you Glow version!

King Zarkon your days are numbered! Voltron: Defender of the Universe is here to protect planet Arus from the Drule Empire! This 3.75” articulated ReAction figure of the fully assembled Voltron comes with Blazing Sword accessory. Protect your collection from Robeasts and get the Voltron ReAction figure today!

Voltron ReAction Figure

Available – Now

Retail – $18.00

Super7 Link

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