Good Smile Company Shows Off Xie Lian: His Highness Who Pleased the Gods Ver.


Truth be told, I personally never read this web novel. I didn’t even realize this character was a man. But that doesn’t stop the fact that Good Smile Company made an incredible piece here that I am truly impressed by. I am a huge fan of Japanese statue makers Myethos and Ribose, with their pieces that look like they are frozen in suspension. But instead of lewd dolls flashing me their bits and pieces, I much prefer flowy, flowery, dreamy statues that appear as though a whirlwind of flowers and ribbons and magic were caught in a cyclone around them. This is art and this is so incredibly beautiful.

Official Description via Good Smile Company:

“I will never forget the look you gave me on Shenwu Street during the Shangyuan Festival.”

From the popular animated series based on the web novel by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu, “Heaven Official’s Blessing” comes a scale figure of the Crown Prince of Xianle, Xie Lian, holding a sword in one hand and flowers in the other. His flowing outfit, sleeves, long hair and the various flower decorations have been dynamically sculpted as though captured in motion. His charming gaze has been faithfully recreated as well, and is sure to draw in all who view the figure. Be sure to add His Royal Highness the Crown Prince to your collection!

Product Name – Xie Lian: His Highness Who Pleased the Gods Ver.

Series – Heaven Official’s Blessing

Manufacturer – Good Smile Arts Shanghai

Category – 1/7th Scale

Price – ¥25,636 (Before Tax)Release

Date – 2022/07S

Purchase Link – Preorders open 1/13/21 – 3/11/21

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