Toy Seller and Content Creator Zombie Sailor Announces All-New Original Wrestling Toy Line


Zombie Sailor, aka, The Time Traveling Toy Dealer, aka Josh, is no stranger to doing amazing (and sometimes over the top) things. While at first glance Zombie Sailor might seem like another vintage toy seller, Zombie Sailor’s Instagram platform is home to Digital Content, original comedy sketches, massive case fresh sales featuring found uncirculated toys, and a deep seated loving bromance with Kevin Costner and Banjo the Gorilla that few of us only dream about finding in our lifetimes.

We believe too, Zombie. We believe, too.

And now, Zombie Sailor is pulling out the punches (literally)! Just announced yesterday via Instagram, Josh let the world know (on his birthday, no less– Happy Birthday Zombie!) that wrestling fans and toy collectors will soon be treated to a brand-new all original toy line that harkens back to vintage WWE style wrestling toys!

Coming in 2021 Zombie Sailor will be starting an action figure company!!! The first thing we are bringing to you is a highly detailed line of WRESTLING FIGURES based on a vintage style with updated sculpts created by some of the industry’s top artists – to be revealed shortly. Many wrestlers from the past and present have ALREADY been SIGNED, some HUGE names. But I’m pleased to announce the first two figures, my good friends from the @majorwfpod@themattcardona and @myers_wrestling – This line has been in development for a long time – wait until you see what’s in store and all the surprises Zombie Sailor has…this will be like nothing you’ve seen and the attention to detail will be second to none. Hope you like them! It’s on!

While Toy Wizards is still waiting for more details regarding the name of this new toy line and some of the classic artists who designed the brilliantly detailed sculpts of these pieces, we know we will be at the edge of our seats until more details are released. Zombie Sailor assured that once more secrets are ready to be divulged that Toy Wizards will indeed get to interview him, but until then, you can find us hiding out in Zombie’s storage unit eagerly.

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