Top Power Rangers Lighting Collection Villains We Want To See


Hasbro’s Power Rangers Lighting Collection has gave us a lot of figures over the first couple of years. That said we have been very fortunate to have as many villains as we have already got and the fact that Hasbro is doing a pure deluxe line of villains is incredibly cool. What do we want to see next for even more villains releases? Well, over here at Toy Wizards we gave it some thought and are now presenting you some ideas that would be great for the line.

Note: these are not rumors or speculation just figures we would like to see.


Power Rangers Turbo

Divatox is one of the most popular Power Ranger bad girls and a grade A evil dooer.


Power Rangers In Space

We already have a Astronema figure so it only makes sense to have Ecliptor. Not to mention his Tron like appearance.

Ivan Ooze

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Movie

We have nothing from the Movie yet in the Lighting Collection. This would be a great start for that set. Deluxe box could come with slime or would that be over the top?


Power Rangers Samurai

Despite the fact we have no Power Rangers Samurai figures yet. This is a truly great Bad guy that everyone needs in there collection.


Power Rangers Time Force

Ransik in another truly great Power Ranger Villains and we can never have enough Time Force. Why we haven’t got another Ransik action figure since Time Force is a time crime already.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Scorpina is a powerful female charter that we should really have had more of in the original series. I know we have had too much MMPR compared to the other series but I am making a exception for her in this list.

Master Org

Power Rangers Wild Force

Master Org is one of the most powerful villains in the Power Rangers universe and undoubtedly one of the most cruel. Here is some real thinking out of the MMPR box and we need more of that.


Power Rangers Beast Morphers

I picked Evox purely on how rad he looks. This is a figure that would really pop if we have a nice deluxe version and I would spend that money in a second.

Dream Team Box Set

The Machine Empire

Power Rangers Zeo

This would be a fantastic SDCC or Pulsecon box set with special metallic paint jobs.

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