Retro-Bit Announces Pre-Orders for the Legacy16 Controller


Official Press Release via Retro-Bit:

This next addition to the Platinum Collection is the Legacy16.  This controller is inspired by the original SNES® controller, but with wired USB port and wireless options for use with modern-day consoles. Both are compatible with the Nintendo Switch® while the wireless version includes a receiver for use on SNES consoles.  With Nintendo Switch® Online now incorporating the SNES® Collection of Nintendo®, the Legacy16 brings an affordable alternative to the official controller and includes a Screenshot button, Home button, and ZL and ZR buttons for ease of use on the Switch.  An homage like this to the classic video game era of Nintendo is surely a collection worth having for retro gamers.

The Legacy16 2.4GHz wireless version will include both SNES and USB receivers in addition to the two analog sticks that are optimal with current-gen games.  The left analog stick will mirror the Dpad while the Z buttons will mirror their respective shoulder buttons during play on the SNES®. With Retro-Bit’s constant high-quality and ergonomic alterations to controllers, these are sure to extend gameplay.


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