Battle of The Planets AKA Science Ninja Team Gatchaman God Phoenix Model Kit


Gatchaman, better known to us in the states as Battle of the Planets, was anime before we knew the word anime. Not even “Japanimation” yet that would be almost a decade later. We didn’t care what it was we just loved it. The five super science ninjas, aka, G-Force in the Phoenix flew to defeat the evil Spectra forces and Zoltar. Not to mention a giant robots and monsters it was a hit for me as a kid and inspired many others as well over the years.

Well, its time to build that Phoenix as a model kit.

  The God Phoenix from the classic 1972 anime “Science Ninja Team Gatchaman” gets a model kit from Academy! It snaps together so glue isn’t necessary, and it’s molded in color so you don’t need to paint it. It can be displayed in either its normal mode or in Phoenix mode; the five vehicles G-1 through G-5 are also included, and can be stored inside. This kit adds panel lines to each part of the God Phoenix’s fuselage for additional detail, along with carefully molded intakes and engine nozzles. The G-5 can be transformed into a hovercraft. The bird missile can be built in its stored state or launched, and a bird missile launch button is on the display stand, too! Get this iconic ship for your own collection now!

  • [Size]: 33cm long; over 40cm long in Phoenix mode
  • [Includes]: Display stand

Retail $49.22 – Sale $39.37

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