5 Super Gift Ideas for the Wonder Woman Lover in Your Life


Are you a Wonder Woman lover, or do you have one in your life? Then check out some of these new and upcoming Wonder Woman goodies and collectibles that you can snag today!

DC Gallery Wonder Woman 1984 Statue – $44.99 – March 2021

Bulletproof and beautiful, the star of Wonder Woman 1984 strides off the screen,deflecting bullets off of her magic bracelets. Bearing the likeness of actress Gal Gadot, this approximately 9-inch tall statue is made of high-quality plastic and features detailed sculpting and paint applications. It comes packaged in a full-color window box.

Wonder Woman WW84 1984 Crystal Necklace – $25 – In Stock

Show off your DC Comics fandom with this Wonder Woman WW84 1984 Crystal Necklace!

Wonder Woman 1984 WW84 3-Piece Stud Earring Set – $20 – January 2021

Show off your DC Comics fandom with this Wonder Woman 1984 WW84 3-Piece Stud Earring Set! This set includes 3x pairs of iconic Wonder Woman trademark earring studs.

NECA’s Wonder Woman Movie Life-Sized Foam Figure Replica – $1,199.99 – February 2021

This imposing and impressive life-size foam figure inspired by the Wonder Woman movie will stand guard in any room, from home to office! Based on Gal Gadot’s portrayal of the unconquerable warrior princess in the film, Wonder Woman stands about 6 feet, 1-inch tall. She features synthetic hair and is made of foam rubber and latex that’s carefully hand painted for realistic detail. The Wonder Woman Movie Life-Sized Foam Figure Replica ships in one box with a stand included. Very simple assembly is required, and assembly and care instructions are included.

Ravensburger Wonder Woman: Challenge of The Amazons Strategy Game – $17.49 – In Stock

The Amazons, a powerful tribe of warriors, have lived in peace for centuries on the tranquil island of Themyscira. That peace is shattered when their enemies invade. Now it’s up to you to defend your home from Ares, the Cheetah, or Circe. In this cooperative game, you’ll strategize together, face your foes on the battlefield, and rise to meet the challenge of the Amazons!
Each classic enemy of the Amazons presents unique challenges and requires different strategies to defeat. Ares, God of War, must be stopped using the Sword of Hephaestus. The Cheetah seeks to steal sacred objects and sets lycanthropes against the Amazons. Circe transforms Amazons into animals and uses magic beacons to protect herself. Choose an enemy to face and work together to defeat them!

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