PikoWash Soap Brings the Meme to Your Fingertips!


You remember the song, the meme, the man and the legends! And now, internet sensation Pikoraro, most famous for his viral song PPAP (Pen Pineapple Apple Pen), is on a mission to make hand washing fun for all! Using his internet fame and smash hit – Pen Pineapple Apple Pen – Pikotaro has recreated the video promoting effective and proper handwashing in a fun and engaging way.

The new PPP-2020/PIKOWASH led to a collaboration with MTG Co. a leading beauty company in Japan, to introduce the PikoWash soap, the first of several products to be introduced in the United States.

PIKOWASH is available on Amazon for $6.36 per bar (puck?) as of this writing.

Here at Toy Wizards, we are always discussing meme toys and collectibles, and PIKOWASH fits right into it. We will give you a full breakdown of the product once we get our hands on it, but even if you never use it, this is a product to snag up. Even the existence of Internet inspired toys and collectibles is a huge conversation and moment carved out in time. For the first time, collectibles and toys are coming out based on viral creativity and non-corporate creations made by people on the internet. I think it’s something to keep a collecting eye on.

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