First Look: MOTU Origins Action Figures Wave 4 Listings


Blackbricks in Germany has listing for MOTU Origins Action Figures Wave 4. This is our first look at the next wave of MOTU Origins Action Figures. This wave won’t be out till mid 2021. The good news it that by that time this wave is ready to come out, it will be free of the Walmart death hold and we will be able to buy them at multiple stores. These are pre order only now in Germany we will get more links later here in the states.

I know we all want it now, but wait for a US release. The figures listed gives us a good first look at what we will keep getting from Mattel in the line. Note two figures are listed as LoP– we are think this means Lords of Power. This was the Power-Con convention exclusives that we still have yet to receive. I wonder if we will get repaints of those molds and still keep the convention box set figures exclusive, or will they be right out of the set and single carded.

I doubt they would make so many fans that mad but then again, this is Mattel we’re talking about.

Wave 4 Figures


Green Goddess


Evilyn Version 2



LoP Mer-Man

LoP Beastman

Deluxe Mosquitor

Deluxe Hordak

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One comment

  1. It wouldn’t make me mad, buddy.

    And you or your Walmart must be doing something wrong. Our pegs are full. Plenty of every figure to go around.

    What does make me mad, is the line already dancing around the cartoon garbage. 🙁

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