Toy Wizards Review: Transformers Generations Collaborative: Back to the Future Mash-Up, Gigawatt


What the hell is a gigawatt?!

When you combine two of my most favorite franchises in Back to the Future and Transformers, well it won’t take money, it won’t take fame, and it won’t take no credit card for me to ride this crossover train.

We’ve seen previous collaborations with the Ghostbusters/Transformers Mash-Up, Ectotron which I own, but have left in its packaging until I can find a second to take out and display. The same goes for Gigawatt except in reverse. He’s out of his cardboard and plastic prison for this review, but I’ll eventually be picking up a second to keep in the box.

Hasbro has been nailing these crossovers, with the aforementioned Ectotron, and Gigawatt here looks fantastic both in his vehicle mode as a perfect representation of Doc Brown’s DeLorean inspired time machine and he looks great in robot mode as well. While this figure is a heavy remold of Siege Sideswipe and Red Alert, he looks no less amazing.

Transformation from vehicle mode to robot and back to vehicle is quick, easy and super fun, because it is essentially the same transformation of Sideswipe and Red Alert, with a few small tweaks to make Gigawatt different and interesting enough in his own right. The Flux Capacitor and digital read out on his chest look great and add a nice touch to an otherwise bulky; and what could have been bland chest, and the detailing and color on the back of his legs converted from the back end of the vehicle stand out and give Gigawatt more added detail, as well as miniature Flux Capacitors molded into the front of his legs as well.

Gigawatt also has a unique and distinctive head sculpt all his own that allows him to stand out from his mold mates Sideswipe and Red Alert, but it also pays a small homage to them as well. Another neat little detail is Gigawatt’s tires can fold inward to achieve the Back to the Future II hover car mode. The front tires fold in for transformation, but having the back tires fold in as well was something Hasbro could’ve neglected to include, but they threw it in anyway, and it’s those little touches that add to the overall value of the figure.

Gigawatt doesn’t come with a lot of accessories, but what he does come with is still fun. Gigawatt comes packaged with a rifle that is very reminiscent of Optimus Prime’s rifle and the Mr. Fusion from the vehicle mode can plug into the back of the gun to act almost like a magazine, or you can plug it into the top of the gun if you prefer. He’s also equipped with the rod that Doc and Marty used to harness the 1.21 gigawatts of electricity to send Marty back to 1985, which plugs where you’d expect it to in vehicle mode and can attach to Gigawatt’s forearm in robot mode.

There’s plenty of great molded detail throughout both accessories, especially as it pertains to Gigawatt’s rifle. Just be careful though not to lose Mr. Fusion as it’s an obviously small piece, and it doesn’t seem to peg into the figures vehicle mode very well, but it does connect to Gigawatt’s weapon with no issue. Articulation is about what you’d expect, with arms doing a full 360, 90 degree bend at the elbow as well as a bend at the knee, although knee bend is somewhat limited, however there’s plenty of ankle tilt to get Gigawatt into whatever poses you think would really cook.

Gigawatt is a super fun figure that is totally worth picking up and adding to your collection, and where he’s going he won’t need roads, and that’s straight to your shelf.

I give Transformers Generations Collaborative: Back to the Future Mash-Up, Gigawatt 5/5 Flux Capacitors.

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