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Official Press Release via Plastic Meatball

Plastic Meatball, experts in the retro-nostalgic merchandise space, announced today their partnership with King Features Syndicate to develop a cross-category line of products based on the 1980 cult-classic film, “Flash Gordon.” 

Plastic Meatball’s deal encompasses a wide swath of consumer products categories, including apparel, puzzles, paper goods, housewares, limited-edition artwork and more.  Additionally, it extends beyond the 1980 film to include nearly all comic and animated iterations of the character. 

“I’ve loved this movie since I first saw it opening weekend at the Village Cinema in Newark, NY,” said Mark Morse, President of Plastic Meatball.  “As a kid, I was always frustrated that a proper merchandise program was never developed around the film.  We’re hoping to correct that, with a suite of authentic products that look like they could have been found on the store shelves of an alternate 1980.”

First of those products and just revealed today, will be a retro-style family board game, where players must travel to the various moons of Mongo to build strength and collect allies to help them in a showdown with the villainess Ming the Merciless.  Featuring gorgeous artwork by renowned Australian artist Hugh Fleming, the game will initially launch on Kickstarter in January with an array of special bonuses and add-ons, and fans can sign up now on Plastic Meatball’s website (www.plasticmeatball.com/pages/flashgordon) to be alerted to when the campaign goes live.

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of its release on December 5, 2020, “Flash Gordon” chronicles the adventures of an American pro-football quarterback who finds himself thrust into an alien world, where he must unite the races of Mongo in a battle against the tyrannical Ming the Merciless, who threatens to destroy the Earth for his own twisted amusement.  Directed by Mike Hodges and featuring a thundering soundtrack by Queen, the colorful, campy space-opera soon gained a cult following upon its release that’s only grown over the years. 

Plastic Meatball’s first wave of Flash Gordon merchandise will launch in January to align with the Kickstarter campaign.  Drinking glasses in a “fast food” promo style will also be available, along with apparel, enamel pins, puzzles and more.  Products will initially be available on the company’s website, www.plasticmeatball.com, with retail distribution expected to follow.  


About Plastic Meatball

At Plastic Meatball, our trade is wish fulfillment.  We recognize that the pop culture brands we love don’t always get the merchandise programs they deserve.  We identify the properties and characters our customers adored when they were younger and develop cross-category product offerings to help them fall in love all over again.  Our goal is to have our products look like they’ve traveled through time from an alternate past, and evoke memories in our customers that are priceless.  It all drives our core motto: “Pop-culture products that should have been . . .  but never were.”  For more information, go to www.plasticmeatball.com   

About Flash Gordon

The heroic earthling has been celebrated for over eight decades by loyal fans who have explored the stars with comics’ most famous intergalactic adventurer, fellow space explorer and ally, Dale Arden, and scientist Dr. Hans Zarkov as they fight to free the universe from the tyranny of Ming the Merciless. Created in 1934 by legendary comic-strip artist Alex Raymond, Flash Gordon has set the standard for science fiction adventure. In 1980, the cult classic theatrical film, Flash Gordon, combined elements of science fiction and fantasy, and with a soundtrack by Queen and groundbreaking costume design. The film attracted a wide fan base, and quickly solidified its legacy in pop culture. King Features is joined by partners around the world to celebrate the film’s 40th anniversary with a robust merchandise and entertainment program throughout the year.

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