Numskull Unveils Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Incense Burner


As we all brace ourselves for the Ghostbusters Afterlife in 2021, Numskull reveals a glorious new line of Ghostbusters merch to keep you very busy!

The Ghostbusters Trap Incense Burner

If you fancy yourself as a Ghostbuster then you need The Trap. Numskull has now turned this iconic bit of ghostbusting kit into an amazing Incense Burner based on the movie version itself! Every little detail is included in this replica and it come on its own (removable) stand base.

Once that incense is burning, you will see the smoky effect emanating from the trap and the scent is spookily relaxing! Or is it? Is it the incense creating that vapour… or have you trapped the unthinkable? 

The Ghostbusters Trap Incense Burner costs $69.99, ships January 2021 and is available for preorder today.

Ghostbusters fans are in for another collectible treat, as two new Ghostbusters TUBBZ join the range, so there are now six Ghostbusters cosplaying duck characters to collect.  New to the ghostly pond are Stay Puft, complete with his marshmallow scent and Peter Venkman Slimed, he’s not had the best day!

 Stay Puft TUBBZ  scary little duck-like ghost, smelling good!The ghostly icon that is Stay Puft is now a spooky TUBBZ cosplaying collectible and, get this… he has a marshmallow scent. Scented TUBBZ is a first for Numskull, he may smell sweet but we all know his truth!
Peter Venkman Slimed TUBBZ  yep hes been slimed. (Geek Store Exclusive)Venkman has got himself into a state whilst out on his ghost hunting antics. He now finds himself covered in the green slime, he needs the rest of the team to help him out. 


Other TUBBZ in the Ghostbusters range includes-          Winston Zeddemore-          Peter Venkman (no slime!)-          Egon Spengler-          Ray Stantz 

Check out the full Ghostbusters range including lamp, more TUBBZ, Switch Case Pin Kings including the new Stay Puft & Slimer pin set with Stay Puft & Slimer, wear and show you ain’t afraid of no ghost!

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