Zica Toys Gears Up to Launch Sectaurs Wave 2 Kickstarter Campaign


Zica Toys’ new Sectaurs line is fantastic– everyone over there has done a wonderful job in reviving this classic toy line in a new four inch scale. We over here at Toy Wizards reported on the original Kickstarter, and the versions 1.5 repaint. We can’t wait to see more from Zica Toys as they gear up to launch that Wave 2 crowdfunding effort.

Click here to read Toy Wizards review of Wave One, and to see our video review of Sectaurs by Zica Toys on YouTube.

Official Statement via Zica Toys Facebook:

Just wanted to let everyone know that the Sectaurs Wave 2 Kickstarter will be launched on Monday, November 30th. The campaign will include the remaining characters from the original Coleco lineup, which are Pinsor, Commander Waspax, Skulk and Skito. There will be reward tiers, one will be a full set for $120, the remaining four will be for each individual figure at $35 each. I realize that’s a significant jump in price from Wave 1, but the costs required to make this wave happen are considerably higher.

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