Bid Toys DARK MA-NULTRA vs KOOBALA AKA Dark Ultraman Mario VS Burning Godzilla Bowser


This is a sequel release or repaint wave of Bid Toys’ first release of MA-NULTRA vs KOOBALA AKA Ultraman Mario VS Godzilla Bowser. That by the way should be arriving to me any day now, I’m so freakin’ stoked. This time they have the Dark Ultraman Mario VS Burning Godzilla Bowser and they are not bad at all. I may be a little partial to this theme but damn that Bowser is hot. These are a Convention exclusive however they are letting overseas buyers in for a limited amount of stock. We got all the information for you below as well as the other Bid Toys releases we have covered.

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Material:Soft vinyl/PVCsize:MA-NULTRA: 13cm KOOBALA 15cm

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many foreign players cannot be present 2020 TTF. We will open some online orders on Nov 21th 11:00 am (GMT+8) available at (Outside Taiwan only)Price:71USD(per set)

all online order shipping on Nov 25th

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