Your Decoy Toys This Holiday Season Are Here At Dollar Tree: The Final Faction Action Figures


As this holiday season approaches make sure to have your decoy toys ready. If you have any sort of toy or collectible collection in your house the ban of its destruction is holiday visitors. Family and friends children will not see your pristine collection as’ look but not touch’ fine art. They will see it as a much better stocked toy store than Walmart.

Have your decoy toys ready! How to do this easily? Glad you asked. First off go to Dollar Tree or buy some online and if you have room put them out in the den or patio area. Once the visiting kids arrive tell them you have a bag of toys there brand new for them to play with and keep. This keeps them from the good toys and your sanity intact. The best part these are super cheap and almost look good.

For a buck a pop they are insanely good considering the normal stuff we find at Dollar Tree. With this new toy line they are trying to do something new and exciting, so let’s support that and stock up on our decoy toys today. They have two rival faction assortments of figures plus weapon packs. It is a plethora of decoys at your disposal here.

Final Faction Action Figures & Accessories

In the year 2050, a large asteroid collided with our moon. Among the debris, we discovered a hibernating alien mothership. Now, the Kharn are awake and they want to plunder our precious natural resources. So, we recruited teams of special operatives to defend Earth from their alien threat.

They are the…


Alpha Team 1 is here to protect the Earth from the evil Kharn, and you can collect their action figures! These high-quality action figures, made of heavy plastic and ranging in size from 3.75 in. to 4.5 in., represent characters from the exciting cartoon, Final Faction. 

Master Sergeant Steadfast

  • Steadfast is the leader of Alpha Team 1 and is highly experienced in special operations combat rescue.
  • Born and raised in the U.S.A.
  • He lost his left arm when he was gravely injured during the first Kharn raid. He now has a mechanized arm and cybernetic eye.
  • He loves to cook and bake desserts for his team to keep up morale.
  • Let it be known: you better earn that cookie under his watch!

Sergeant Ruck

  • Born in the cold valleys of Austria, Ruck specializes in ground artillery.
  • He has mechanized legs and uses heavy weapons that attach to his body to stave off the enemy.
  • Ruck has a warm, compassionate heart.
  • Long-time friends with Steel, they have an ongoing competition to see who can outdo the other… at everything!
  • “Eat, work, play, and sports…” is Ruck’s mantra.

Sergeant Steel

  • Steel has multiple specialized air packs for any mission making him the team’s greatest asset in the sky.
  • Growing up in the warm plains of Africa, Steel dreamed of soaring like a bird.
  • Always the cool guy, he is quiet and reserved until action is needed.
  • Steel loves sports, his favorite food is nachos, and he is deathly afraid of snakes.

Specialist Shift

  • Trained in every form of combat, she is a force to be reckoned with. There has yet to be anyone who could challenge her skill.
  • Living in the mountains of East Asia, she was groomed to be a warrior from childhood.
  • She has “prevision,” which is the ability to see into the future just far enough to know what her opponents’ moves will be before they make them.
  • In combat, she sings when she fights.
  • She unwinds by watching puppy videos on social media.

Augmented Combat Rescue Mech (A.C.R.M.)

  • The A.C.R.M. is a breakthrough in virtual reality tech with a helmet and special suit allowing piloting of the mech via a modular system.
  • The A.C.R.M. is currently piloted by Boyd, a 15-year-old disabled boy.
  • This mech is adaptable and aids in all combat and rescue missions.

Churro, Guard Dog

  • Churro is Steadfast’s feisty and fun-loving pet Chihuahua. 
  • He has his own Canine Mech which he controls to aid in battle. 
  • His secret weapon, the Sonic Boom Bark, is used to deafen and distract his enemies.
  • Steadfast’s cookies are one of Churro’s favorite treats!

Available – Now

Retail – $5.00 a set

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The Kharn

The Kharn are here to plunder Earth’s precious natural resources! Only the highly trained warriors of Alpha Team 1 can defend the earth from this alien threat. These high-quality action figures, ranging in size from 3.75 in. to 4.25 in., are posable and made from heavy plastic, so they will hold up to many adventures as you take the Kharn into battle. Let your imagination run wild as you create your own scenes and stories with these characters. Ages 3+.

Hive Class Synthoid

Synthoids are used in all Kharn operations and are not to be underestimated. They have very advanced technology, a synthetic biology, and are highly intellegent. 

Hive Class Brute

The Kharn Brute Class specializes in power and destruction. They have very low intellegence and are controlled by a commander. Their skin is nearly impenetrable and it’s hard to take them down.

Hive Class Drone

The Kharn Drone Class is a basic grunt used for combat and labor operations. Not highly intellegent, but able to accomplish mission tasks.

Available – Now

Retail – $4.00

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