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Massive Monster Mayhem Major Disappointment is now available at This giant robot is a mixture of Mazinger Z and Megas XLR with giant Bunny Slippers. The entire show is a crazy mixup of Power Rangers at Takeshi’s Castle MXC with Kaiju Big Battle. It is crazy fun and the toys are too strange to not pick up. This guy is a must have whenever there is a giant robot with bunny slippers.

Massive Monster Mayhem’ is an original sci-fi competition series that combines live action and CGI animation with competition and comedy. Kids are featured in live game play in futuristic challenges against Monster Superstars for a chance to win prizes and save their planet from destruction. Each episode features three heroes competing in a gauntlet of Intergalactic Battle Alliance challenges to have a chance at becoming the champion and face off against Master Mayhem’s league of monsters in the ultimate Monster Mashdown.

The monsters of Massive Monster Mayhem are bigger and bladder than ever! Each massive monster figure stands at 16″ Tall, and includes sound and phrases from the TV show. Articulated arms, legs and head are ready for action figure Play or awesome display, and battle features let you reenact the out-of-this-world action!

Massive Monster Mayhem – 16″ Major Disappointment Action Figure

  • Major disappointment is the son of the greatest, most feared and famous Monster Superstar from the ultimate-action packed comedy sci-fi competition Series on Nicktoons!
  • He is born with the strength of his father and the sparkle of his Mother’s eyes. He’s an entitled millennial Son, riding off the coat tails of his Super villain parents fame despite never living up to his potential, he is ready to conquer the universe!
  • Spin major disappointment’s drill in his chest to hear his colossal personality including five hilarious phrases and sounds from the series and see his eyes glow!
  • Use his smash Marines weapon for bigger and badder out of this world action and even remove his bunny slippers to take a break from his busy schedule in destroying Planet earth.
  • Basic articulation on arms, legs, and head enables dynamic posing, action figure Play, and battle features.

Available – Now

Retail – $49.99

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