Toy Wizards Editorial: Walmart Can Not Do Pre Orders Right

For many collectors out there, this is not new-news. But I’ll say this one more time for the back row– Walmart’s preordering system is completely screwed up. I first encountered the issue with the Real Ghostbusters reissues. Let’s backpedal and I’ll give you the story anew.

Toy Wizards broke the news of the releases and I ordered them that day. Great, awesome, another preorder added to the list. As I was waiting for said toys to ship, the Real Ghostbusters started appearing in stores. Therefore, I bought them in the store months before I got mine shipped. And despite ordering two of each all at the same time, I received six individual boxes from Walmart and and six of said items were damaged from woefully poor packing and negligence. One item was folded in half to be fit in a box height wise instead length wise, where it easily would have fit.

How can they not pass that simple test of round peg square hole when the employee got their job? Walmart doesn’t know how to handle collectible items and yet, again and again they are given exclusive toys and collectibles. They have no clue a toy or a box of Oreos should have any different packing or care. However it is not Walmart has upped the game in both even more and more exclusives and new worse pre order policies.

Walmart very recently canceled multiple pre orders and or told me items where on even further back order now, a common issue among many collectors who preordered stock. But it gets better– those items are now In Stock on So they have canceled and delayed pre orders only to sell the items online, not just in stores, before pre orders.

So, let’s examine that last sentence again– Walmart is tossing my order away to sell to new customers now instead of filling that order. This is absolutely nuts– I have no idea who is in charge of Walmart’s pre orders but they really need to learn how things are meant to work. Pre orders means we put our money up front for the items and as they come in you fill those pre orders first. Then extra stock not already pre bought go to stores and online sales channels. Walmart can not do this correctly and now are doing it backwards. Here are some of the screen shots from this craziness where they have back orders and cancelled items just for me to order them online minutes later.

Backordered Items notice

And here they are online they are not backordered they are selling the pre ordered stock online

What the hell, Walmart! This is very irritating– collectors have been waiting months to get this stuff only to have the items online where I can order them delivered to my home before my pre orders? It is one thing to have them in the store before pre orders (which I think that is wrong already). But another to have them delayed again and then sold online at the same time. This is a bogus and really, sloppy business practice and I think it’s important for consumers to understand what they are potentially getting themselves into before purchasing a collectible (or hell, even a kids toy as a gift) on Walmart’s website.

Cancelled Items Walmart

Available now on Walmart

Here again they have cancelled a order only to have it avalible for order again online. Nothing here makes sense and with the items in question we dont have many choices on them. Any Walmart choice is a bad one.

Masters of the Universe is coming to other online and retail stores in November. McFarlane toys slowly as well to more stores. It is a wait and see effort as Walmart is nothing be a wait and be disappointed. Bottom line if you want collectible items be sent with care BBTS and EE do it right every time. Here are links to articles that give you more buying choices.

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  1. They just cancelled my Ghostbusters toy order that was made four months ago. Last month they sent me an email saying they would be delayed because of the manufacturer and would be released tomorrow. They literally waited four months and then cancelled the day before they said they would be sent. Kicker is that these toys were apparently already put in stores and have sold out; if I had known I could have just bought them there! They really don’t know how to do preorders!

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