Toy Rumors: Power Rangers Lighting Collection Wave 8


Editor’s Note: Toy Rumors means rumors. That’s why the word is in the title. Rumors.

Leaked from No Pink Spandex, we present the line up of Power Rangers Lighting Collection Wave 8. What is interesting about this wave is that it doesn’t contain any MMPR. Think about it– last wave was almost all MMPR, you think they could spread them out better. This wave has one do-over: the Red Ranger from Last Galaxy Leo Corbet.

Dino Charge Blue Ranger makes a frat team with Dino White in real life so its great both actors have figures for Power Morphicon next year. SPD Pink Ranger gives us a new girl ranger which are far and few between. Lastly, JYB gets another figure that can have multiple uses with a simple head swap with the MMPR Black Ranger for Adam Park or helmeted for Power Rangers Zeo Green . All and all this is a good wave, and with all of the double packs coming out, the Lighting Collection is still hot to the touch.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Red Ranger

Power Rangers Dino Thunder Blue Ranger

Power Rangers SPD Pink Ranger

Power Rangers Zeo Green Ranger

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