Relive the Addiction with Dr. Mario World Plush Toys


Dr. Mario World is a 2019 mobile phone game that got a new generation of puzzle game lovers (hell, and the rest of us) addicted to the splendor and fun that is Dr. Mario. And now, you can purchase some plush toys celebrating its unforgettable characters!

Dr. Mario comes by himself (holding the pill that will get those bugs!), and the viruses come together in a three pack. Both items will be shipping March 2021. When I was a kid, I would have gone nuts for these. I am such an early puzzle game junkie and Dr. Mario provided me with hours and hours of fun. Except for when I lost and those virus laughed at me. That wasn’t so awesome. But tell me this– are you more of a Fever or Chill fan?

Super Mario Dr. Mario S – $22.64

Super Mario Virus Plush Toy Set$22.64

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