Masters of the Universe Origins Castle Grayskull Playset Walmart Listing Is Live


The not best keep secret is totally out now. The Masters of the Universe Origins Castle Grayskull listing has gone live and orders or pre orders can start shorty. The social media site for Masters of the Universe stated the listing will go live “soon” and to wait but no timeline was given. That means click on that button to be notified when it goes in stock and stand by. Update Items went up for pre order and the delivery date is April 17th 2021.

Some notes about the new images we have . The box cover shows something new. Horde marked skeleton warriors. Glow or slime infused at at even. The dwarf or what is gone from the rampart shown on other box art. The team photo does show waves one through three including She-Ra. Best of all for me is the poster image. These would let us dream of birthday money and what we would do with it.

As with all of the Masters of the Universe these are Walmart exclusives still till November 2020. Walmart’s Pre Order and Orders in the collectible area have not been stellar to say the least. Even if you do pre order a castle the timeline to get one is uncertain they can ship it out tomorrow or next year as you walk by a pallet of them at Walmart. It is hit or miss and we all want one or five. One thing is certain– we never stopped loving Masters of the Universe and we are so excited to see them back on shelves.

Castle Grayskull: It’s the mighty Eternia fortress of mystery and power for He-Man and his foes! This diorama-style Castle Grayskull playset offers countless hours of creative action and adventurous fun for MOTU fans. Large-scale playset opens to reveal a four-room interior – great for storytelling play and display. Includes lots of MOTU themed accessories for maximum customization! Includes real working elevator and trap door that fans of the original are sure to love. Set also comes with a special edition Sorceress figure and can display all other Origins 5.5-inch figures (sold separately). Masters of the Universe fans will have a blast playing out MOTU scenes and inventing their own action stories in the famous structure known as the center of the battle between good and evil. By the power of Grayskull! Colors and decorations may vary.

Masters of the Universe Castle Grayskull Playset for MOTU Fans Ages 6 Years Old and Up:

  • Age Range: 6 Years and Up
  • Large Castle Grayskull is a thrilling MOTU playset for fans who love to play out Masters of the Universe adventures!
  • Exciting diorama style set folds out to reveal four rooms – so much space for creativity and adventure And fans will love the working elevator and trap door!
  • Fits all 5.5-inch Origins figures and comes with a special edition Sorceress figure unique to this playset
  • Includes multiple accessories, so Masters of the Universe will have all the supplies they need to craft countless tales of the battle between good and evil!
  • Authentically designed playset stays true to the traditions of this thrilling action and adventure franchise. A great gift for MOTU fans ages 6 years old and up who love action and adventure

Available – April 17th 2021

Retail – $74.99

Walmart Link

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