teccotoys has launched its Age of Mecha toy line Kickstarter


The following content has been taken from teccotoys’ Age of Mecha Kickstarter campaign with permission. To support this campaign or to learn more, visit the official Kickstarter page right here!

Age Of Mecha™ is a 1/35 scale, highly detailed Sci-Fi action figure collectible toy line, set in the year 2150 and focused on powerful Mech walkers and their respective hero pilot action figures. 

Age Of Mecha™ is combining classical action figure toys with the detail and fidelity of 1/35 scale model kits and collectibles, thus bridging the gap between grown up collectors and their kids for a shared hobby experience. The simple idea of having a toy collectible that has an outstanding playability and is sturdy enough to be played with by your kid, but can at the same time stand next to your most priced collectible on the shelf! 

Why 1/35 scale? A practical scale, easy to handle for kids and to take with on trips, which many of you may remember when you were kids yourselves. No limit of choice: the small scale means you can pack them all in your bag! Our action figures are about 2inch/5cm in height, that’s about the size of a standard AA battery. Also 1/35 is a great scale for model builders and our action figures greatly combine with model kits. When it comes to scale, you can build a more realistic world, the smaller you go! At 1/35, you can have more realistic proportions, without having to resort to gargantuan vehicles. So in comparison to our pilot action figures, the Mechs are huge machines, but still only the size of a 6-9 inch action figure. This gives our toy collectible line a very unique perspective plus a not so common pinch of realism and greatly goes together with our hard sci-fi background story. And of course it also allows for even bigger vehicles in the future if the brand can be established 😉

size comparison of pilot action figures and a standard AA battery
comparison to other action figures and model kits

What’s also pretty unique is the focus on playability: In addition to a lot of articulation, our Mechs and action figures also feature a lot of assets, especially the Mechs with their completely removable and universally interchangeable armor plates! Not only can you display battle damage by removing single plates, but you can also create your very own and unique Mech designs by interchanging parts any which way you like! We also took a great effort to design a fully articulated frame for each Mech which completely retains its full range of motion, no matter how you mix the respective armor plates, for the best play value!

fully poseable Mech vehicles
all armor plates can be removed and exchanged with plates from other Mech models
all armor plates and hip utilities can be mixed any which way to create your own custom mech design
Mechs retain their full range of motion, no matter how the armor plates are mixed

And to accompany all this, we have a realistic hard sci-fi background story and short and carefully intertwined character biographies for each of our action figure heroes, which introduce you to the world of the year 2150 and get you started to play out the stories of the Age Of Mecha™. (you can read the whole background story in the story section below and the character biographies in each respective character reward description)

3D rendering pre-visualization of what the final products and packaging will look like (packaging design and colors may slightly vary on the final products)

Each pilot action figure comes with the following features:

  • 10 points of articulation, fully poseable
  • set of accessories including removable helmets, handheld weapons, backpacks (content differs between different pilot sets)
  • ID collector’s card with character biography

Each Exo Armor Suit comes with the following features:

  • Set of fully removable and poseable Exo Armor parts
  • 1 fully poseable special ops pilot action figure included
  • set of weapons/accessories (content differs between different sets)
  • ID collector’s card with character biography

Each Mech vehicle comes with the following features:

  • 33 points of articulation, fully poseable.
  • one (1) pilot action figure + accessories included (all pilot action figures are also available separately)
  • up to 24 completely removable armor parts, interchangeable between all Mech models for the ability to create unique custom Mechs
  • feet transform to wheeled skating mode for fast pursuits
  • a variety of handheld weapons 
  • 1 individual hip utility pod, interchangeable with all other Mech models
  • a fully detailed cockpit, seating up to two pilots each
  • one individual extra play feature with each separate Mech model
  • illustrated user manual
  • set of high quality marking stickers to be applied individually to taste (details and designs will be revealed once the campaign is funded)
  • ID collector’s cards with character/Mech biography

To learn more about teccotoys’ design and building process, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel and see the below video:

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