Ready for The Sequel? Blockbuster Returns with Even More Movie Fun!


Big Potato just released the party game sequel you’ve all been waiting for with Blockbuster Returns ($12.99 at Target), the sequel to their 2019 hit, The Blockbuster Party Game! Gather your movie-loving crew to flex their knowledge on all the best moves from the past decade, as the game features four brand-new categories of Movie Cards (Heart Warmers, From Another World, Not for Kids, and Remakes & Reboots) and new Head-to-Head Cards.

Don’t have The Blockbuster Party Game? Don’t worry, Blockbuster Returns can be played as a standalone or combined with the original game for big-budget movie fun!

To play, open up your VHS box, flip open the gameboard, and split into two teams. First, face off in the Head-to-Head Buzzer Round. One player from each team tries to think of a movie title to match the description on the Head-to-Head category card (e.g. “Movies where someone got lost”) before the 15-second timer runs out, hitting the buzzer to put the ball back in their opponent’s court. The first person to run out of time loses this round.

Next, in Triple Charades Jeopardy, it’s time to see how well you know your movies! Each player gets three Movie Cards and has 30 seconds to get their team to guess all the movies using one of three methods— using just one word, quoting a line from the film, or acting it out. When a team gets one right, they add the card to their collection. The first team to grab two cards from all four categories wins!

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