Banpresto Sailor Moon Glitter & Glamours Eternal Sailor Moon is Available For Preorder


Though I personally still think it’s a strange choice that the upcoming Sailor Moon movie is titled Sailor Moon Eternal, I think it’s wonderful that Banpresto is giving fans an Eternal Sailor Moon toy! Much like the other figures in this line, the Banpresto figure comes in two color variations and features zero articulation. It’s a shelf piece or a desk tchotchke to the max.

Wait a minute– now I’m thinking this is a toy spoiler and the movie ends with Sailor Moon transforming into Eternal Sailor Moon!

But is that a spoiler at this point? Can there be spoilers with a 25 year old franchise? Am I poking too deep into this?

Nerd life.

Within the Sailor Moon fandom, the Eternal Sailor Moon costume has been at the ass end of some pretty heated debates– many people simply hate it! With its three layers of primary colored skirts and huge pink bubblegum balloon sleeves, I can see why some fans think it’s garish. (Although this toy seems to fix some of the primary color madness by making Eternal Sailor Moon’s skirts and ribbons a more distinct pink color than the old school anime did). For me personally, I love the actual bodice/leotard on the Eternal costume more than the standard V-cut skirt with hip rolls. I’m pretty vocal that those ice skating costumes don’t really do it for me.

The Eternal Sailor Moon figure from Banpresto comes in either the standard anime-inspired color palette (version A), or a softer pastel edition which to me looks more manga colored (version B). Both are available for preorder from BigBadToyStore for $26.99 and will ship March 2021.

Sailor Moon Eternal Glitter & Glamours Eternal Sailor Moon (Ver.A)

Sailor Moon Eternal Glitter & Glamours Eternal Sailor Moon (Ver.B)

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