Surrealist Artist Alex Pardee Teams Up with Loot Crate For November’s Loot Fright Subscription Box Exclusive Toy


Gear and Collectibles Will be Roasting on an Open Fire with Loot Crate’s New Loot Fright November Crate!

Have yourself a scary little holiday season!

Loot Crate is bringing more than chestnuts with November’s ‘Roasting on an Open Fire’ themed Fright crate. Unbox devilishly good collectibles and gear featuring Krampus and more inside this festival of fright.

The November Loot Fright crate includes an exclusive Krampus figure, the first figure in a new Loot Fright exclusive Monster Season series by artist Alex Pardee. Also included is a Devil Scarf, Krampus Ornament, and more items to make the family scream with delight during the holidays. 

Supplies are limited and sell out fast! To unbox this horrific holiday-filled crate of fright be sure to order by November 15 at 9:00pm PST. Loot Fright crates start at $28.95 plus shipping and handling. 

The holidays will be roasting on an open fire when you subscribe to the Loot Fright crate!

Alex Pardee’s work is not unknown to Toy Wizards readers. Therefore, when we learned that he was the flagship artist for the Loot Fright crate, we were excited to take some time and chat with him! While the figure he created cannot be fully revealed yet, Loot Crate was cool enough to kick us down with some concept art, which is just wonderful. Keep scrolling to read our interview with Alex Pardee!

Credit: Alex Pardee/Loot Crate

Alex Pardee x Toy Wizards Interview:

Hi Alex! Thank you for giving Toy Wizards this interview. How did your relationship with Loot Crate form and what led up to you creating this kick off exclusive for the new Loot Fright boxes?

Alex: I’ve actually had a friendly relationship with Loot Crate for a while. I’m a fan of any company that can create their own business model into one that everyone copies. We have mutual friends and respects, so when they decided to relaunch to Loot Fright crate, they reached out to me and asked if I had any original franchises or characters to give them. I wanted to give them something more original, so I pitched them something I was working on called “Monster Season”. I’m such a fan of horror movies and holiday icons, and I wanted to mash them together. They went for it and we’re going to try it out.

What’s the balance between creative exclusive toys versus traditional illustrations and art? Are more people familiar with your print art?

Alex: I’m still pretty early in the toy game. My art is more of a feature than my toys. But I’ve been doing toys for almost 20 years—I did a small run of designer plush in the early 2000s. I’m bringing my pop art fans over to the toys than the toy world over to my art. That’s such a big world right now, toys and collectibles, and I’m excited to open up to that audience.

What horror movies inspired you most? Your art is so cute and monstrous at the same time.

Alex: I call my art Brightmares. I think a lot of my art confuses people and I like that. I love the reaction when they see the bright colors and think my art is cute, but it’s scary at the same time. I wasn’t supposed to watch Creepshow when I was six or seven years old, but I saw it and it made such an impact. My dad was a librarian and he introduced me to horror comics at a young age, like Tales from the Crypt. For me, third grade was this really weird and inspirational time where my mind opened up to demented cartoons like Garbage Pail Kids and they stuck with me.

Aside from Loot Crate, do you have personal products in the pipeline that fans can look forward to seeing?

Alex: My relationship with Loot Crate is ongoing and we have more projects and collaborations coming soon with more Loot Fright crates. I also just announced that I’m doing one of my big solo art shows for the first time in five years in December out in Santa Monica. It’s going to be a little bit different from some of the shows I’ve done in the past. Usually when I do gallery evens I have a lot of interactive events, but because of safety regulations, things will be a little different. It’s called Alex in Shunderland and it will be one of the more personal shows I’ve ever done.

As far as collaborations, I’ve been doing a lot by myself right now. I’ve always run my own business and made my own merch. I did a Kickstarter for one of my own toys last year with Rocom Toys called “Future Me” which was me in the future, so just me dead as a skeleton, and those are shipping now. I’m getting more into indie toys now.

About Alex Pardee

As a pop-surrealist artist, freelance illustrator, toy designer and transmedia pioneer, ALEX PARDEE creates brightly colored nightmares, or as he calls them, Brightmares. His neon-colored work—blending horror with cutesy—is iconic. In addition to his personal paintings, storytelling and character developments, Alex has helped designed film projects like Zack Snyder’s “Sucker Punch”. His illustrations have graced album covers (The Used, Aesop Rock), video Games (The End Is Nigh, The Binding Of Isaac), while his solo art gallery shows have been adapted into horror films (Digging Up The Marrow) and fantasy television projects (Chadam).

Alex is currently creating as many Brightmares as he can in Los Angeles, CA.

About the Loot Company

The Loot Company™ is a leading subscription eCommerce service for fans of pop culture, video games, anime, and more. The Loot Company collaborates with global entertainment properties to help audiences discover their favorite products. With over 20 premium consumer product lines in themed and limited-edition crates, as well as crowdfunded Loot Launcher exclusives, fandom is delivered directly to subscribers’ doorsteps. Loot Crate was acquired by the Loot Company in 2019 and is supported by the heart of a diverse subscriber community affectionately known as Looters. The Loot Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Money Chest LLC, with sister brands including NECA, Kidrobot and WizKids. To sign up for a Loot Company subscription, visit 



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