Mattel’s Masters of The Universe Origins Line Wave Three Carded Images


Mattel’s Masters of The Universe Origins line is, no surprise, very, very popular. That being said, it has conjured a severe case of “I need it first” among fans. All attention is only ever on “what’s next?” and “can I have it now?”

Interesting enough some people getting wave two figures from Germany faster than the US release date. The moment people get wave two there is a desperate need for wave three. Toy Wiz, the most over priced toy store online, had some wave three up for pre orders and closed them just as fast. With that, we did see the new carded images of Wave three.

Note: wave two figures should be hitting Walmart soon. Walmart’s embargo of MOTU Origins will end November this year meaning we will see a wide release of both waves two and three on multiple outlets.

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Please note the She-Ra is different than the Power Con Version. Most notable is the molded hair and rooted hair on the Power Con version. The figure has different packaging and more accessories on Power Con as well. The base body is the same on both figures.

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