McFarlane Toys Batman Last Knight on Earth Wave Coming Soon


The newest Build-A (Last Knight on Earth) wave is coming to McFarlane Toys Feb 2021. Pre-orders will begin in November! This is a crazy comic series from DC Comics Black Label branch. It is a much darker Batman story in a dystopian, apocalyptic future. The first couple of figures have been shown off with pre order coming in November. McFarlane Toys has really really been striking the iron while it is hot. They are crushing it with wave after wave of great figures. There are some complaints about the waves being so Batman heavy, but think about it, that is because Batman sells– what do you want, a Metal Men wave? This Last Knight On Earth is a great example of what we can continue to see from McFarlane Toys. What we have so far is Batman , Scarecrow, Omega, and Wonder Woman.

This article will be updated as more information comes out.


This last true clone of Bruce Wayne is in his Arkham Asylum outfit and doesn’t show it but I am sure the Joker head lantern will come with the figure.


Not much is left of Crane in this twisted world. This is a build a figure wave so it is easy to assume that the build a figure will be Bane.


Omega is the Batman Beyond gone bad very very bad.

Diana of Themyscira

This former Wonder woman is the best figure in the line so far. I really love the mohawk Wonder woman. There is no scared face on the prototype shown not sure if we will get it as a second head or a variant.

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