This Is The Wave: Upcoming Star Wars The Black Series Action Figures


This is the wave… of new Star Wars: The Black Series figures, that is.

Star Wars: The Black Series are premium Star Wars (budget friendly) action figures. We won’t talk about Hot Toys– too many dollars in a row. An image leak shows us a new figure– the Armorer and Moff Gideon Quill from The Mandalorian. The wave leak also lets us know that Greef Karga from The Mandalorian is rounding out the series figures in this wave. The Hoth Trooper is a third in so many waves and this one is no exception. I can only hope for Major Bren Darlin. In a twist of something different, rumors have it that Dark Rey from the vision in The Rise of Skywalker is in the wave, plus one more unknown at this time. This wave is clearly very Mandalorian heavy, and with the drop of the new trailer the other day (plus season two only a few weeks away on Disney+) I don’t think anyone here is complaining!

The Armorer

Incenerator Stormtrooper

Moff Gideon Quill

Greef Karga

Hoth Rebel Trooper

Dark Rey (vision where she is evil)

1 figure still to be determined 

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