First Look: Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Origins Castle Grayskull Has Leaked


A website in Germany has posted Masters of the Universe Origins Castle Grayskull for sale just after images have leaked of the recolored castle was seen online. This looks to confirm the rumors of a Origins Castle Grayskull for Christmas or early 2021. The new deco on Grayskull is totally new pallet in colors. The green is much more saturated and darker for the shell. On the inside, the only image we have we can see that the contents have stayed the same, with a couple of exceptions.

The computer is no longer paper and a plastic part molded in silver. The flag is smaller and pole new production part for the set. The traditional orange-brown of the second floor plates are now a dark wood color– I like that, it looks good.

Accessories are still orange however a tad darker. The old ladder is now a new mold and in the dark wood color. Most notable is the figure shown in the image. A Temple Sorceress in all white that would mean we would get a repaint version on card at some point in vintage colors. Retail on the item is over a hundred dollars converted from Euros. Confirmed in Target System for $74.99. With Walmart having a exclusive on Masters in 2020, if we do see it, they will be a pallet near the toy isle for a day and never seen again this year.

US Retail will be $74.99

Mattel GXP44 Masters of the Universe Origins Castle Grayskull – Vorbestellung

Normaler Preis€94,99

Vorbestellung – Verfügbarkeit ca. KW 7/ 2021

Ein Zuhause für die Macht von Grayskull! Mit diesem Spielset zum Zusammenbauen können Kinder ihr eigenes Castle Grayskull erschaffen. Im Inneren des Spielsets verbergen sich vier Räume, die fantasievolle MOTU-Fans begeistern werden! Enthält zahlreiche Zubehörteile zur individuellen Gestaltung für intensiven Spielspaß.


A home for the power of Grayskull! With this assembling kit, children can create their own Castle Grayskull. Inside the game set there are four rooms that are imaginative

German Site masters-of-the-universe-shop

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