Toy Wizards Review: NECA Iron Maiden Pharoah Eddie


“Tell me why I had to be a power slave
I don’t want to die, I’m a god, why can’t I live on?”

Fans of the legendary heavy metal band Iron Maiden already know that the bands beloved mascot Eddie will live on into infinity, especially in toy form with this gorgeous Pharaoh Eddie representing Iron Maiden’s epic 1984 album, Powerslave.

I’ve been an Iron Maiden fan nearly my entire life and Powerslave is my absolute favorite Maiden record, so when I first caught a glimpse of the iconic Eddie in full Egyptian regalia, there was no way I wasn’t adding him to my collection.

NECA does it again, hitting it out of the park with this beautiful figure. I’m becoming a bigger and bigger fan of NECA the more I see of their figures. From the They Live alien two pack to the Ultimate Pinhead, now Pharoah Eddie joins the ranks, and for as much as I love my other NECA figures, this one stands head and shoulders above them all.

I really love NECA’s attention to detail, from the linen cloth encasing Eddie’s body, to the gorgeous sculpting in Eddie’s face, giving us that classic sneering visage we Maiden and metal fans have come to know and love. Not to mention the beautiful paint application throughout the figure as well with the gold and blue running through the figures nemes headcloth, as well as the shimmering gold in the belt to the pop of blue making up the Egyptian shendyt adorning Eddie’s waist and thighs. Pharoah Eddie’s accessories are also very well done with lots of great detail in the staff; specifically the snake head looming at its top, and also the detail in the hilt as well as the blade of Eddie’s sword.

One thing I’ve noticed the more familiar I’ve become with NECA’s figures is their balance issues. It takes a little bit of fiddling with this figure to get it to stand properly, and not fall forward or backward due to the feet not being completely flat. It’s not nearly as egregious as the female alien with her heels in the They Live two-pack though, that’s for sure.

Minor nitpick aside, NECA absolutely crushes it with their take on Pharoah Eddie. Put on Powerslave or your favorite Iron Maiden record, up the irons, run to the hills; in this case and grab a Pharoah Eddie of your own right now.

I give NECA’s Iron Maiden Pharoah Eddie 5/5 hieroglyphics.

Product Features

  • 8 inches (20.32cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • From Irom Maiden’s Powerslave album
  • Clothing made of real coth
  • Fully poseable 
  • Window box packaging

Box Contents

  • Pharaoh Eddie figure
  • Sword
  • Staff

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