Toy Rumors: A New Wave of Power Rangers Lightning Collection Figures has been Leaked


Editor’s Note: The wave leak presented in this article are at this point, rumors. Toy Wizards is by no means attempting to trick fans or bring hopes up. The word rumor has been blatantly put in the title to assure you that this is not clickbait or lies. It is simply a discussion based on active rumors/leaks active in the Power Rangers fandom. Rumors happen– let’s chat and have fun.

Big thanks to No Pink Spandex for the alert on this potential new wave!

New on the block today are more Lighting Collection rumors. Remember these are only rumors at this point, but they bring up several very nice ideas. First is a Power Rangers in Space two pack, Andros the Red Ranger vs Astronema. This is a very nice idea and has a twist, let me tell you. What hair color on Astronema? You have have it set to one color or random colors. Or even set colors for different channels Hasbro Pulse Purple, BBTS white, Target gets red hair. Walmart would have blue, There is a lot that can be done with this. Or do we just get swappable hair in different colors? There is a lot there to think about.

The MMPR villains deluxe packs This has King Sphinx and Pumpkin Rapper Single packed at a higher price point, but with more stuff and larger figures– this is fantastic. We sorely need more villains for the line and these two are great. King Sphinx is a superb buddy to Goldar, or at least he was in my head. I mean seriously– can’t you see them as buds after work getting burgers and going to the gym? Total bros, man.

Pumpkin Rapper is another fan favorite from the show and style wise one of my top ten villains because of that. Being a deluxe pack villain, we should see extra pumpkins for Putties and Rangers alike.

Power Rangers SPD two pack has one ranger from each team. This has a nice appeal but you know they will both be red rangers, so that is already a bit of a let down. Here they all are laid out and we will let you discuss. We already covered the rumors of Wave 7 figures in the link below as well:

Toy News Rumors: Power Rangers Lightning Collection Wave 7

Power Rangers In Space: Red Ranger vs Astronema

Available – December 2020

Retail – $39.99

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Villains Deluxe Packs King Sphinx and Pumpkin Rapper

Available – January 2021

Retail – $29.99 each

Power Rangers SPD: A Squad and B Squad Two Pack

Available – ?

Retail – $39.99

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