Toy News Rumors: Power Rangers Lightning Collection Wave 7


Please note that everything presented in this article are, at this point, rumors. We cannot confirm or deny that this set of figures will be the next in Hasbro’s Power Rangers Lightning Collection. We are simply looking at pictures and speculating together. Let’s rock.

These are totally rumors at this point. They are not confirmed by any other source other than a random screen shot floating around the internet. What is shown is a very lopsided four rangers wave and it is all very heavy on the MMPR side. Personally, I hope this is all wrong or just partially right and we get a better assortment. I can’t really see them doing a wave with two Tommy Oliver rangers. So let’s wait and see, but stranger things have happened.

Although come on– MMPR white was in Wave One. Perhaps a Tommy Oliver 2 pack?

Dino Thunder Red Ranger

MMPR Zedd Putty

MMPR White Ranger

MMPR Green Ranger

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