The Loyal Subjects New Action Figure Line BST AXN AKA Best Action


The Loyal Subjects best known for small Super deformed or Chibi figures is stepping into the full scale action figure line. This new line called BST AXN or Best Action is a five inch figure with 22 points of articulation on each figure plus accessories. What is really exciting about this is the shear amount of different licenses they are launching. They have everything from Naruto and Full Metal Alchemist to Big Trouble in Little China. Right now it is all comp art not actual toys yet and no word what will be coming state side– for now, these are Asia only.

But at least we can admire them together.

About the Line:

This new series of action figures created by The Loyal Subjects dedicated to the most iconic characters of the POP culture scene. Each figure has 22 points of articulation, with accessories and interchangeable parts, about 5 inches high.

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