NECAs TMNT 2 Super Shredder Hits the Internet: Will The Fans Get It or Will Bots Reign Supreme?


Super Shredder (aka Super Kevin Nash) is coming to NECA online store and Walmart. This is hard news for many collectors. Besides the recent order window on Tokka & Rahzar that many hailed as the new NECA, the toy maker is going back to unknown stock for online sales and unseen distribution at Walmart stores. My local Walmart stores don’t even have a collectibles section anymore. It is just a large section of nothing with a few POP!s in a case with old video game controllers.

While NECA has been on a customer satisfaction high with the Tokka & Rahzar ease of purchase, the shadow of fear is uncontrollable and approaching as this looks to be one of the most desirable TMNT figures I have ever seen. Which of course leads to everyone wanting this amazing figure and that is followed by the conclusion that it will be hard time in Toy Collecting come 1pm on August 10, 2020.

NECA’s biggest customer complaint has been Bots taking swaths of inventory. This leads to the bustling secondary market for the most wanted toys, which then leads to anger and wrath point at NECA for not selling the fan base more of what they want. This is not new, so let’s hope they have some deterrents online in place for the drop. The market for sold-out toys is at a all time high in our current health climate with more people at home and shopping online.

Walmart also has a place holder link up, but we are not sure what stock will be online there, or if said link will help you locate a Walmart with stock in hand (and not hidden in the back room). No matter what happens, this is the figure we have wanted so much after years… no… decades of the old version. Super Shredder– you have come a long way, baby.


On August 10th at 1pm EST, a limited quantity of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Secret of the Ooze 7″ Scale Deluxe Super Shredder action figures will be available through
Available to the US and International customers in 20+ countries
All orders will be limited to 1 per person

General Act Fig Tmnt Shredder

Release Date – August 10th?

Walmart Link 

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