NECA Beats The Bots and Makes The TMNT II Tokka & Rahzar 2 Pack Easy To Order


UPDATE 8/7 Today Is The Last Day

NECA has taken the first steps to beating the bots that have taken all available stock on orders before anyone can hit enter. This has frustrated collectors to no end. Drop after drop, consumers have been unavailable to purchase NECA toys, specifically those exclusive to Walmart or Target. NECA listened to the outrage and figured out a new way to handle preorders, and it all comes down to a week-long ordering system.

That’s correct, if anyone wants these toys (and look at those magnificent beasts, who wouldn’t want them?) you have a week to order from Friday July 31st to August 7th at the NECA online store. This means no refreshing, no despair after seeing your cart go from items in it to no stock available. All you have to do is just buy it and wait. This is what everyone has wanted, and let’s say it, needed. Lets hope everything goes as advertised and we can get more of the movie TMNT line (I am looking at you Super Shredder) and other releases in this easy to order fashion.


We are happy to announce that these figures will be available for pre-order through starting Friday(7/31) to Friday(8/7). Customers in the US and over 20 international countries will have 1 week to place their pre-order.

Once the pre-order window closes, that is it. This will be the only way to acquire the Tokka & Rahzar 2 Pack!
Limit 2 per person
Shipping Date: November 2020
Pay in full at time of pre-order

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