Funko Announces Newest Wave of The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Pop!s


Within The Simpsons oodles and oodles of episodes and seasons and future predicting in its arsenal, there are certain episodes that are stand outs for me– the Treehouse of Horrors Halloween episodes. Ever since I was a wee one in the 90s, I tuned in for the very first Treehouse special from the show I was already obsessed with and that excitement was life changing. Funko has already released a few Treehouse of Horrors Pop! figures (Cat Marge, Fly Bart, Monster Maggie, and Devil Lisa) but it is so exciting to see these seven new pieces commemorated in vinyl form. (And seriously, I’m losing my mind for Jack-in-the-Box Homer). Each 3.75 inch toy costs $10.99 and will ship October 2020. Click on the links below to secure yours today!


The Simpsons Bart with Chestburster Maggie Pop! Vinyl Figure


The Simpsons Vampire Krusty Pop! Vinyl Figure

The Simpsons Devil Flanders Pop! Vinyl Figure

The Simpsons Zombie Bart Pop! Vinyl Figure

The Simpsons Reaper Homer Pop! Vinyl Figure

The Simpsons Witch Marge Pop! Vinyl Figure

The Simpsons Homer Jack-in-the-Box Pop! Vinyl Figure


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