NECA Announces The Conjuring Universe – 8″ Clothed Action Figure – Annabelle


Three cheers for haunted horror toys! As a scary movie enthusiast and a Raggedy Ann & Andy collector, I have always found Annabelle especially amusing. I’m sure it’s fairly common knowledge at this point, but so the story goes, Annabelle is inspired by the “true tales of a haunted doll.” The doll that performed said scary deeds was supposedly a Raggedy Ann doll.

So, what’s funny here (and is one of my favorite ramble-tangents to go on) is the fact that Raggedy Ann dolls are so cute and harmless looking. Sure, I know it’s popular opinion to be afraid of dolls and clowns, but toughen up. Raggedy Ann isn’t “scary”, so don’t be a whiner just so you can be part of the “Wah, dolls and clowns scare me” conversation. The point of the story is this. Raggedy Ann is precious. Annabelle is haunted as crap looking. Like of course that doll is haunted. If there was suddenly a haunted Raggedy Ann, everyone would be really surprised. But when you walk into a room and see Annabelle?

Freaking duh that doll is going to be a problem! She is set up for failure with a design like that. That’s where the comedy comes in. Let’s look at Chucky from the first Child’s Play movie. He was a My Buddy. A regular doll. He wasn’t inherently a problem until the narrative started moving. Same with Raggedy Ann dolls. She’s sweet. But Annabelle? The design is so out the gate ridiculous that I don’t understand how it can scare someone or surprise someone that the doll is haunted.

But as for the toy itself here? NECA crushed it. I love that they shrunk the design down to their 8 inch doll line. The sculpt and paint are amazing and I really like seeing Annabelle in this scale. You can pay homage to her in your collection without her all huge haunting up your antique rocking chair.

Which of course you have so that it can start Tell-Tale-Hearting at you in the middle of the night.

Official Description:

Annabelle, the haunted conduit for demons to carry out their malevolent acts, is the newest release in the 8″ Clothed action figure line.

This possessed doll is fully poseable, donning a soft goods white dress and red rose belt. She comes with 2 interchangeable heads featuring a standard expression and a tattered, cracked portrait.

Comes in window box packaging resembling her protective display case. Out of box collectors beware!
Shipping Date: February 2021
More info on the #NECA site:



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  1. My cousin named her daughter Annabelle. And I’m wondering: Why the heck would she do that with this scary thing roaming around in today’s Pop Culture? LOL. This toy certainly has a lot of great detail to it!

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