G.I. Joe Classified Snake Supreme Cobra Commander Hasbro Pulse Exclusive


Revealed today at the end of Hasbro’s Fan Friday was the Snake Supreme Cobra Commander. This Figure that was meant to be a Con Exclusive (San Diego Comic-Con, perhaps?) will be available for preorder mid September with an estimated retail amount of $39.99

This is a deluxe deco and box figure, much like the first Snake Eyes set by Hasbro Pulse. The crimson and black Cobra Commander is indeed a very deluxe look for the already reproduced (twice) Cobra Commander. The figure is very impressive and puts the Regal Cobra Commander to shame. What else is shameful is the fact they did make Metal Head’s classic laser pistol and did not give it to us earlier. Because this piece was intended to be a convention exclusive, it will sell out as soon as it goes live later this year– so be ready with your wallets to get on this.

Release Date – September 2020

Retail – $39.99

Hasbro Pulse 

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