Walmart Reportedly Makes Changes to G.I. Joe Retro Line Listings Online


Since the announcement of Hasbro’s new six-inch G.I. Joe Classified Series action figure line, long-time G.I. Joe fans have been asking one thing– where are the classic 3.75 inch vintage toys? In addition to simply loving this scale and wanting to pose the new with the old, there is a very strong valid point in there; if Star Wars can have a Black Series line and a Vintage Kenner line, why can’t Joe fans?

Therefore, there’s been a buzz around the toy collecting playground (and a very close eye kept on websites such as Walmart) and it was discovered that yes– there are in fact more G.I. Joe figures on the way from Hasbro. This line is aptly named the G.I. Joe Retro Line.  And now, word on the street is that these figures may be released for (a doomed, of course) Walmart exclusive release as soon as this Friday, June 17 2020 at the (online) Walmart Collector Con. According to fans, the Retro Line will premiere with the following items:

Thus, Wave One of the figures will have three characters and two vehicles, and as you can see, each of the characters has a secret codename attached to the listing. I know that people are going to battle face for the chance to get that H.I.S.S Tank. These figures are reportedly only available in the US (and again, because it’s Walmart, many fans won’t even be able to get said toys) so unfortunately, Canadian and International Joe fans may be left high and dry on this one. According to a user on HissTank, these figures will likely ship in October 2020.

Toy Wizards will continue to update with additional details as we learn them.

Source: HissTank


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