Flame Toys Reveals Optimus Prime IDW (Clear ver.) SDCC 2020 Exclusive


Wow, do I adore this figure! I recently went on a rant-tangent about my love for transparent Transformers and Gundam, and then like a little kiss from the plastic spirits, here comes this new spectacular Optimus Prime.

Optimus Prime IDW (Clear ver.) sale arrangement information comes ! It will be presented as limited edition too ! By changing the packing style, it is not only limited edition, but also deluxe edition !

Box is made up of Tin (metal) with 3D shaped ‘Matrix of Leadership’. It is definitely your Transformers precious collection !

800pcs limited ONLY ! It will be available in :

Official retail shop SEN-TI-DEN : 50pcs
Wonder Festival SH : 200pcs
SDCC : 300pcs
D4toys.com : 200pcs

Price : US$60
Shipment : Goods is in stock for all above channels.


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