QM Reveals TMNT Q-Fig Toys (And Joins the Ranks of Brands Creating Their Own Mini-Con)


Okay…I have a theory and I want to see if you agree.

Do you remember when Smartphones started getting smart and everything had an app for it? Back in the day before the app, we had a rotation of websites that we would visit every morning while we were settling into work, waking up, bathrooming, etc. I’m sure many people still do, but stick with me here, I’m in the middle of a snark joke. But then suddenly the world of the app appeared and every company created an app for its website when just visiting the website was perfectly sufficient?

That’s what all of these “virtual cons” are reminding me of. Every company has decided that they need to have a turn at it since the original in-person convention is cancelled/postponed/semantics this year. And our buddies over at QMX (Quantum Mechanix, who I love) are right on board with them with a little something-something called Q-Con.

To accompany the virtual event are new black and white comic book style TMNT Q-Figs. Per the awesome people at the Unofficial SDCC Blog, these figures will presumably be available for sale on the QM website during whatever time the company decides its virtual con time. Q-Fig figures typically run in the $20 range, but I would guess these have an exclusive limited edition convention price of $25-$30 because limited edition convention price. Rumor has it they will be delivered in a pizza box

Alongside each Turtle Q-Fig purchase, QMX is including a pin set. I think the pizza box manhole pins are just too cute.


Source: SDCC Blog

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