Chogokin Limited Edition VF-1S Valkyrie Roy Focker Special


As a constant trend the DX Chogokin Limited Edition VF-1S Valkyrie Roy Focker Special Pre Order allotments sold out in minutes. This means getting one will only be on the luck of the release day or the secondary market. I asked my Japanese connections if they could get one on the pre order and I was shot down as quick as a VF-1A. That doesn’t mean there is no chance only it will be harder to get later on.

These are the true successors to the older 1/55 chunky monkey VFs we all had as kids. The new Chogokin sculpts and possibility really make up for the years of sub standard Valkries. The fanbase (me included) is hungry for the new line but already running into walls to collect them with very low runs and Online exclusives. This is very clearly marked as Roy Folker so that means there will be a Rick Hunter version later on. Also the head is a new sculpt to make it a TV version compared to the other VF-1s movie version already released. Sorry to tease you all on this incredible toy, but It is something to look at and if you see one in the wild grab it and don’t let go.

The Skull Battalion VF-1S Captain Roy Focker is finally here!!
Created a new head and Roy Focker pilot figure pursuing the head shape of the TV version. The first-time privilege pedestal also comes with additional features. Three-stage transformation & action! Valkyrie. An Roy Focker figure included.

■ Product Specifications
Total length: about 300 mm (at fighter)
Material: ABS, die cast, PVC

■ Set Contents
· Body
· Replacement horn wrist right and left three each
· Replacement circular wrist left and right
· Gunpod
· Pilot figure
· 2 antennas for Gerwalk
· Abdominal detail up parts left and right
· Stand set ・[First time benefit] Complete pedestal base for fighters


  • Price: 19,800 yen(Tax 10% included)18,000 yen(excluding tax)
  • Release date: November 2020

Pre orders are closed but will be a regular release and available shortly in November.

Hobby Link Japan Pre order Page 

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