Power Rangers Lightning Collection Psycho Ranger Rumor is Confirmed


There has been a buzz around the Power Rangers toy collecting playground for a little bit that this was coming, but it was never more than just a rumor. Until now, that is. In a surprise announcement, Hasbro has let out the secret that Power Rangers in Space fans would indeed get a full team of Psycho Rangers in the Power Rangers Lightning Collection toy line.

We’ve seen some dabbling with the Psycho Ranger crew, but again, never the full team. Red Psycho Ranger was delivered in a two pack with Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Red. Power Rangers in Space Psycho Blue was revealed in a stand-alone pack. The Psycho Green Ranger, which was announced on the same day as a Putty Two Pack, is available for preorder now (set to ship July 2020). And that leaves the Black, Yellow, and Pink Psycho Rangers, who will finally make their action figure debut.

This complete team is something that fans have been wanting for so long now and is something that Bandai simply refused to do. Hasbro is doing such great work within the Lightning Collection, tapping into characters that fans would have otherwise never seen made into toys.

Toy Wizards will update with additional details and preordering information the moment it goes live.


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