NECA TMNT Super Shedder & Ralph Mike Listing Placeholders are Going up at


NECA’s Movie TMNT line is coming to Walmart. You should know my rants on Walmart by now as they are horrible on distribution and general upkeep on the toy section in their stores. The movie sets are nice and they are toys that we want, the issue is that. Walmart, however, will never take any care to get them to us. If you buy them online they are not known for packing well usually they are just in a empty box to bang around till delivered. Right I am seeing a lot of pictures of He-Man Origins showing up completely trashed.

The Three place holders we have are Super Shredder, Foot soldier two pack, and Ralph and Mikey. These are both place holders so no stock has been assigned to the listings yet. The other turtle set with Leo and Donny has not posted online yet or not found at this point. Walmart lets you get in-stock alerts on each page put in your email for that it might help how ever this has never yet worked for me.

Updated Walmart release schedule

TMNT II Secret of the Ooze Super Shredder

We are assuming it will retail at $29.99 due to the size of the figure. Trivia note Super Shedder was played by the wrestler Kevin Nash. Shedder was François Chau in the suit but voiced by the First TMNT movie Shredder David McCharen.

Walmart Placeholder Link HERE!

TMNT the movie Ralph and Mikey set. This is another repacking of the original SDCC set that is very very expensive. The figures are very wanted for collectors and have already been repackaged in single packs for GameStop and now duo packs for Walmart. There is also a second set with Leo and Donny not yet discovered. Retail on this set is assumed at $50.00 each two pack.

Walmart Placeholder Link HERE!

General Tmnt (1990 Movie) -7″ Scale-action Figur

Foot Soldiers two pack TMNT movie version

Retail – $49.99

Walmart placeholder Link HERE!

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