G.I.Joe Classified Cobra Commanders Rundown NTWRK Exclusive & General Release


We had multiple images of the newly announced G.I. Joe Classified Series Cobra Commander surface and the biggest comment discussed is the color variation between Hasbro’s standard release and the NTWRK Special Drop version. So, what is what? The Dark Cobra Commander is regular release that due later this year. This would be the Hasbro Pulse, BBTS , EE online sales and retail locations by Christmas. The dark blue version has Black straps and a silver pistol. More of a realistic tone as seen in the other classified series so far.

The NTWRK Exclusive looks to be a SDCC cancelled exclusive. This will debut only on the NTWRK app for a “special drop” on NTWRK  June 18th 2020 at 8pm ET/5pm PT. This figure is due out later this year in September. In order to get this version light blue Cobra Commander you need to have the app downloaded on your phone and attach a credit card so your ready to order as soon as the drop happens. This means also signing up for a alerts on the app and enable push notifications just to be safe. This figure will cost $22.99 each and ship in September 2020. This lighter blue version has golden straps and a gold pistol. These colors are more of a nod towards the early comic book versions of Cobra Commander.

G.I.Joe Classified Cobra Commander NTWRK Exclusive

Retail – $22.99

Release date – September 15th 2020


G.I.Joe Classified Cobra Commander General Release

Retail – $19.99 / $22.99

Release date – Fall 2020

Online and retail locations 

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