Chronicle Collectibles The Highlander Kurgan 1/4 scale Statue


Official Description:

He is the one – the strongest of the immortals, spawn of a forgotten Russian tribe so vile that they fed live children to hungry dogs for amusement. He is The Kurgan, the last of his people. Cruelty is his heritage. Murder is in his blood. For a millennium, he has carved a vicious path through mortals and immortals alike, driven by a singular goal: To be, once more, the last of his kind. To slay them all. To claim The Prize.

The love of Highlander extends all the way to the top at Chronicle Collectibles. As such, we’re ecstatic to announce the release of The Kurgan 1:4 Scale Statue. This imposing collectible features the merciless nemesis of Connor MacLeod, his massive two-handed sword at the ready, girded for battle in the terrifying armor he wore during his first encounter with The Highlander.

Our unique access to The Kurgan’s original costume, worn by actor Clancy Brown during the making of the film, allowed us to bring an unprecedented level of authenticity to both the design and sculpt of this fearsome figure. Full 3D scans of the costume’s components aided our sculptors in creating what we hope will be a unique and captivating highlight in any Highlander collection. The Kurgan 1:4 Scale Statue is a limited-edition collectible, so secure him now, or risk losing your head later.

  • Licensed Highlander collectible
  • Cast in polyresin
  • Sculpted using 3D scans of the screen-used The Kurgan costume
  • Dimensions: 17” wide, 12.5” deep and 20.5” tall (base footprint: 13” wide by 10.5” deep)

Retail –  $699.99 Sale $599.99

Release Date – 2021

Pre Order HERE

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