Toy Wizards Review: Transformers Earthrise Voyager Class Starscream


“Coronation, Starscream? This is bad comedy”.

While you may agree with Galvatron that the idea of Starscream being the unquestioned ruler, leader and king of the Decepticons is indeed bad comedy, how I came across this Earthrise Starscream figure is some good comedy.

I had placed my pre-order on BigBadToyStore a few weeks ago, with their website announcing a May 2020 arrival date. May came and went and it got bumped to June, which is totally understandable, COVID is causing delays all over. But, I was in a local Walmart the other day and came across the one, lone copy of this figure just causally laying on the shelf, so of course I grabbed it immediately to make it mine, not before proceeding to cancel my pre-order that is (and immediately replacing it with a pre-order for Earthrise Deluxe Arcee and Sunstreaker).

For as much as I enjoy the Siege Tetrajet version of Starscream; as well as Thundercracker and Skywarp (and that Target exclusive 2-pack will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine), the F-15 Eagle jet mode of the Seekers is what we’ve all been waiting for and the Earthrise variant does not disappoint.

If you’ve owned or own the Transformers Universe Starscream then there’s not much new here as far as appearance and transformation are concerned, as this is essentially an updated and upscale version, but that’s ok. What has been great about Earthrise has been the straightforward and clean transformations between robot and vehicle mode and our friend Screamer is no exception.

The only kibble in robot mode is his nose cone hanging off his back, but it is what it is, so that’s hardly a big deal. As well in robot mode his back is a little on the plain side, but when are you going to be displaying him with his back to you, right?

I absolutely love the Siege version, however the big difference is Earthrise Starscream feels like he has a little more heft to him, especially in jet mode perhaps due to an elongated vehicle mode compared to the more compressed presentation of the Tetrajet for Siege. Also, Starscream here doesn’t have the smudge or dirt or battle damage as it were that plagues the Seekers in the Siege line. I’ve never had a problem with that particular aspect of the Siege toys, but it’s definitely nice to have a much cleaner aesthetic with Earthrise.

As mentioned at the beginning of this review, Earthrise Starscream’s pre-order date has been pushed back from May to June, with the possibility of further delays as Covid continues to be a thing. He can be purchased for $32.99 at and is worth the wait if you don’t stumble across him in the wild like I did.

I give Earthrise Voyager Class Starscream 4.5/5 Wizard Stars.

Product Features

  • 7 inches (17.78cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Earthrise figures allow fans to build out epic space battle scenes
  • Figures can connect to expand the battlefield
  • Starscream converts into classic G1 jet mode in 30 steps
  • Starscream does not include Smashdown figure
  • Instructions may or may not include English translation

Box Contents

  • Starscream figure
  • 2 Weapon accessories
  • Piece of the Transformers Universe map
  • Red decoder to unlock the map’s hidden paths


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