Ravensburger Takes You on a Jungle Cruise While You Drive Back to the Future


I love Ravensburger Games– they are definitely the Number 1 board game producer under my radar. Which is why I keep a close eye on everything they manufacturer and release. And what with Back to the Future celebrating its 35th anniversary this summer, we can never have too many BTTF games and toys. I definitely need to pick  up a copy of this game!

Back to the Future: Dice Through Time, Biff stole the DeLorean and went on a joyride through time, disrupting events and scattering items throughout the wrong decades. Now, you must help Doc and Marty repair the space-time continuum. Featuring fan-favorite events and moments from all three movies, this collaborative dice game will be available exclusively at Target starting June 21st just in time to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the first film.


Also available this June is Disney Jungle Cruise Adventure Game (based on the classic Disney river boat attraction). Starting June 1st, each Skipper must navigate the perilous waters to deliver their passengers to the Jungle Navigation Headquarters. Along the way, you must figure out who has fallen out of favor with the company owner. The Skipper that delivers the most valuable freight and the most passengers wins!

What I love about the Disney Jungle Cruise ride is that it looks simple enough yet engaging for people like… well, me… that just aren’t huge tabletop gamers. My personal threshold for involved games with complex rules and many pieces is very low, because I want to enjoy the experience and move onto the next activity. (30 minutes is about my max game before I’m tapping out). This game looks perfect for people like me that want to have fun, but once the ride is over, I’m onto the next… ride to wait in line an hour for?

Hmmm… perhaps Disneyland does not make for the best “gotta go fast” metaphors.



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