Hasbro Reveals MLP x Power Rangers & Transformers Ponies


At last– the final two (technically three) ponies from the MLP x Hasbro Universe have been revealed.

Fans first learned of Hasbro UK’s plans to release a My Little Pony x Dungeons and Dragons crossover set earlier this week. And truthfully, they were fantastic and the set will include five horses. It is officially named Cutie Marks and Dragons.

Shortly after, like the next day, we saw glimpses of Hasbro’s MLP x Ghostbusters set. The horse is named Plasmane and none of you out there can stop complaining how the hair is made of plastic. Is brushing synthetic hair still a staunch preference among the pony community these days, or is it just another thing for loud adult collectors with no intentions to buy the toys to complain about?


And at last, we come to the topic of the day, for the MLP x Transformers “My Little Prime” and the MLP x Power Rangers “Morphin Pink Pony” (that were discussed in the Ghostbusters pony article) have been revealed! New artwork is available for each, and My Little Prime as kickass awesome as I’d hoped for.

The Morphin’ Pink Pony is nice too, but I would love if she came with some sort of Morpher coin, pterodactyl accessory, etc. The blacked out eyes are a good homage to the MMPR mask, but again– this pony has blacked out eyes.

We will update with ordering information when (if) it becomes available stateside.


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  1. Might want to do better research because those pictures of the transformer ponies are wrong. Maybe update the article with the actual picture instead of the custom toys. It also helps to pay attention when you realize it says 2015. 🤦🏻‍♂️🙄

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