Super Mini Pla Grand Liner & Liner Boy (aka Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Supertrain Megazord & Max Solarzord)


Super Sentai GOGOFIVE or Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue has had a resurgence in Super Mini Pla. We already got the Kinkyu Gattai Victory Robo aka Lightspeed Megazord. Plus we have theSuper Sentai / Rangers in model kit forms.

Now we have two more the Grand Liner aka Supertrain Megazord and the Max Solarzord. Both of these can work with the Victory Robo / Lightspped Megazord. Liner Boy / Max Solarzord can combine to make Max Victory Robo / Lightspped Solrazord. He can also attach to Grand Liner / Supertrain. Grand Liner / Supertrain can hold the component parts of Victory Robo / Lightspeed Megazord inside the train modes and then combine to make a very large Megazord in scale with the other two. All of this is Premium Bandai right now in Japan but we are sure you will get it from Blufin Brands in the states later.

Super Mini Plastic Series Combined Grand Liner

Product Details

The Grand Liner is available in Premium Bandai limited Super Mini Plastic.
Go liners 1 to 5 can be combined to transform into a ground liner.
Victory Robo, which is scheduled to be released for general sale, can be stored and can be connected for display.

[Set Contents]
● 1 set of assembled plastic kit
1. Grand liner
● 1 piece of Ramune confectionery[Material] Plastic
parts: ABS[Size]
H approx. 270mm × W approx. 230mm (at the time of grand liner)
Release date – July 2020

Retail – 13,200 yen

Super Mini Pla Limited Express Armed Liner Boy

Product content

“LINER BOY” from the GOGOFIVE series has a good ranking in Japan’s SUPER MINIPLA hope commercialization character questionnaire, and now LINER BOY appears in SUPER MINIPLA!
It can be transformed into MAX LINER, MAX SPECIAL, LINER BOY and other forms.
In combination with the separately sold “SUPER MINIPLA KINKYU GATTAI VICTORY ROBO”, “MAX VICTORY ROBO” can be reproduced.

[Commodity Package Contents]
● Plastic Finished Product Set (1 set)

Release date –  10/2020

Retail – 4,950 yen

Super Mini Plastic Emergency Victory Robot

Product Details

Victory Robo from “Emergency Squadron Go Go Five” appeared in super mini plastic!
Five “99 machines” will be combined into a Victory Robo.
It can be stored in the optional ground liner and can be played together.

[Set contents]
● 1 set of assembly type plastic kit (5 types in total)
1. Red ladder
2. Blue thrower
3. Green hover
4. Yellow armor
5. Pink eider
● Ramune confectionery

Plastic parts: ABS / MABS

H Approximately 150 mm x W Approximately 100 mm

Release date – 10/2020

Retail – 5,500 yen

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